"Light glorifies everything. It transforms and ennobles the most commonplace and ordinary subjects. The object is nothing; light is everything"
                                                                     Leonard Misonne
     Light… For some it is nothing more than electromagnetic waves of a certain length. For other it is the essential element without which there would be no life. But for me light is the factor that creates an image, its unique climate and extraordinary character. It is something I consider the essence of photography. The mood displayed in a photograph is the function of light. For me it is the most important element, which is why I try to paint my works using light. It is light which has the magical power to change the ordinary into the extraordinary.
    It is not an easy task to describe what I feel while taking pictures, but I am very emotional then. For me photography is a way to show and record impressions I had about a particular place and moment surrounded by the beauty of nature.
    Nature is the main subject of my works, with landscapes being especially close to my heart.
 You could ask why nature? Well, because…
• I like her company because I rest while enjoying it.
• Admiring nature’s masterpieces inspires me in a way that you can feel only when you see something exceptional for the first time.
• Nature surprises me with its constant, but so changeable, beauty which is different every season, every month, with the shape of clouds in the sky or the colour of light…
    Taking pictures of nature is a complex process. It includes searching for places and waiting for favourable weather conditions, which can take up quite a time. But having taken the unique and unforgettable picture makes up for the entire effort.
    With my photographs I would like to record passing moments, save places whose history is coming to an end.  I attempt to show the hypnotising beauty of Mother Nature’s artistic performances which feature light as the main hero. Light which paints various landscapes in multiple colours. But most of all I would love to emulate the magic moments of contemplating nature when we deeply admire its beauty, splendour and extraordinariness.
Please view the images in my gallery. It features nature as seen not only in my lens, but also in my mind’s eye.    
Jacek Zięba

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